About Queen City Animals
About Queen City Animals
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Fleas are terrible where I live. So I was really excited when I found a product that really works. I love Little City Dogs products. I use their Flea Killer, their Flea Control and their Killer Dust. They are the only thing that stand between me and a bibilical plague of fleas. Right now, I can't live without this stuff. I have been buying it on Amazon for years, but in July, when I ordered some more, something entirely different came in the mail.
                        > This is what I received. But that's was not what I saw and ordered on Amazon! I really don't like being flim flammed. So I did a little searching for the truth online and found out everything I need to know in FIVE EASY STEPS.
This is the envelope my order came in. It shows where it came from. So, I Googled the address found out that this so called headquarters of Petopia Pet Products and To Your Health was a rented mailbox in a UPS Store.  It was like they didn't exist!
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So, I next, I Googled their logo. Which led me to Shaun Koch's rant on Amazon about NoMoreFleasPlease being hijacked in 2008.
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So I Googled Shaun Koch and found him on the pages of the website of The Secretary of State of South Carolina. South Carolina says Shaun is the owner of Petopia Pet Products and not Manny Emanuel the guy whose name was on the package I received. But I kept looking for this guy - Manny and while I was at it, No More Fleas Please.

But instead of finding Manny, I found Shaun Koch again. This time on the pages of the website of the Secretary of State of North Carolina. The Secretary of State of North Carolina says he is also the owner of No More Fleas Please.

But here's the big surprise.

I started out with this search looking for Manny Emanuel, the guy at the top of the page that flim flammed me and kept finding nothing. It was like he did not even exist. So I was BLOWN AWAY when on the website of the Secretary of State of North Carolina, I learned Shaun Koch's FULL NAME... Shaun Emanuel Koch.

It was like that moment in the horror movie when you find out that the monster is IN THE HOUSE. Aaaaaaah!

Shaun Emanuel Koch IS Manny Emanuel!

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what Shaun says about himself.
Shaun thinks he is pretty clever, practicing bait and switch sales tactics, using two names and four different companies thinking in this great big world, no one would ever find him on Pebble Pond Drive and make him answer to his unscrupulous business practices. However you can't post your life all over the internet as much as Shaun has and expect not to be found.

I won't bore you with all of it, and it would be in poor taste to put his many personal links here, but you can easily find information online about all of his businesses, three generations of his family from Charlotte, NC to Buenos Aires, Argentina, his wife's dog, his place of worship, the email addresses of just about everyone he knows and every address he has called home from Charlotte, NC to Ft. Lauderdale, Hialeah and North Miami Beach, FL and San Antonio TX.

The world was once a great big place where a guy could quietly scam the public without exposing and embarassing himself. Someone just forgot to tell Shaun that this is no longer true. It is now a global village where everyone can be found. Evidently they never taught this at his alma mater, North Miami Beach Senior High.

In fact there is such a complete picture of Shaun online, after reading it all, you get a pretty good picture of the guy. And this is it. Shaun probably comes across as a nice guy, but his character flaw is that there is no lie he will not tell to make a sale.

Shaun knows nothing about animals. He has no connection to the animal world. He has never owned a kennel or operated a shelter. He knows nothing about treating dogs and cats. The fact is, he doesn't even have a pet! Pets are just another commodity to him and not even one he knows enough about to market to successfully without resorting to tricking the people he is trying to sell to. Shame on you Shaun Koch!

So that's the story of Shaun Koch. A guy who started Queen City Animals with a failed HIJACKING on Amazon.com who stopped those dirty tricks, only to resort to others . His current scam is called KEYWORD MANIPULATION. By stealing half the name of his competitor and using strangely worded titles like:

Queen City Flea Killing Dust-Diatomaceous Earth-Little Bed Bug/Pest Killer (Dogs)
Queen City Animals Nitenpyram Flea Killing Capsules Dogs Over 25 (Not Little)
Queen City Animals Nitenpyram Flea Killing Capsules For Cats and Little Dogs

Shaun's aim is to mislead buyers looking for the same business he HIJACKED in July so when anyone looks for LITTLE CITY DOGS they are misdirected to QUEEN CITY ANIMALS, a name he also stole. The result of this was unfortunate for people who like me ended up accidentally purchasing products from his two-month-old failing business instead of getting the good flea killer we know, love and need.

Even after I hear he apologized and promised to stop, he kept on doing it on Amazon.com and eBay. What is interesting and proves that he knows better is that he does not do it on his website: NoMoreFleasPlease where he does not use the word LITTLE even once.

Not only is he fleecing the public, but this guy has the stones to be using the names of other businesses as his own !

The real QUEEN CITY ANIMALS is a legitimate animal rescue organization.
The real PETOPIA.COM is owned by PETCO®
ToYourHeath.com is about human wellness and not connected to Shaun Koch or his imaginary friend Manny Emanuel.

So in the end, while I started out trying to find out a little more about the guy who flim flammed me, what I found was lot more about a modern day carnival huckster... Shaun Emanuel Koch a/k/a Manny Emanuel. A man with two names and a business with four... NoMoreFleasPlease, Petopia Pet Products, Queen City Animals and To Your Health. Each one evidently such a failure that as a final resort, he sank to cloning the entire product catalog - item for item and word for word from a sweet old lady from the Bronx to survive.

Why does he run his business like a shell game? Perhaps this last document, a letter from the EPA to Shaun is a clue.

Click the letter.

In 2010, Shaun Koch was fined $1,500 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2010 as a result of his sales of unapproved flea prevention products through No More Fleas Please. So clearly he would not want folks to connect the dots between his businesses. That's why Shaun Emanuel Koch invented Manny Emanuel. But when he went that route, he made many mistakes including the use of the No More Fleas Please logo on his new brand... Queen City Animals. When he realized it, he changed the logo to a new one, the mutant cat/dog.

Would you entrust the medication of your pet to a man with two names and four business that he flips around like a carnival huckster playing the shell game? Are you kidding? I wouldn't let him walk my dog much less give it medicine!

Here's one last thing Shaun didn't learn in North Miami Beach Senior High School. Business isn't just about money, it's also about people... how we treat each other as people. So Shaun Emanuel Koch, if you're reading this...

Stop the keyword manipulation.
Your use of the word "LITTLE" makes you look small !

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